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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Chamber

The Chamber is an exciting new particle product for users of Second Life.

Now in XStreetSL (Links to Lite Version and Professional Version)

The Chamber is an exciting new product designed for private homes (Lite Version) and for big homes, private sims and night clubs (Professional Version) that want to add particle features on a dance floor.

The "Lite" version is very inexpensive at L$499 and consists of the Chamber with a few pre-fabricated patterns in it specifically designed for a dance floor on private land. The "Lite" version comes with "The Chamber" device and a "Programmer".  All of the patterns in the Professional version can be added to the Lite version, via add-ons, but they cannot be modified..  If you plan on adding all the add-ons, it is cheaper to buy the Professional version.  (Link)

The "Professional" version at L$4999 consists of "The Chamber", a "Programmer", a copyable "Emitter" and all of the current patterns in a form that can be copied and modified in anyway you desire.  This version also comes with an extensive 26-Page User Guide that describes the dozens of parameters that make up the chamber's main particle engine, has tutorials, and other parts.  (Link)

Terminology and What are the Parts?

"The Chamber" is a 20 prim object that can be used to emit particles.

A "Pattern" is a specific visual effect that is created by the particle emitters of the Chamber.

A "Add-On" is a non-modifiable pattern that can be purchased on XStreetSL. You move the pattern (a script) from the object you buy into your personal inventory, then into the Chamber.  If there is a pattern you don't like, you can copy the pattern out of the programmer into your personal inventory.

The "Programmer" allows you to select which pattern to use, specify a specific program length (in minutes), and set various usage options. A program is a random ordering of the patterns in the chamber.  A pattern is selected once per set of available patterns.  A recommended program length is 3 or 4 minutes.  Note: Only one Programmer is provided per purchase.  Note: The programmer must be within 100m of the Chamber or any Emitter to work.

The "Emitter" is a copyable object that is used to emit particles.  It only comes in the "Professional" version of the product.  When you learn how to build your own patterns with the Professional version, you can send patterns to any extra emitter you create.  For a club, you could place six emitters in a stationary ring above the dance floor and drop fog or other textures directly from the "ceiling" for extra effects.  In fact, you don't even need to rez The Chamber object at all, instead, rez your own set of Emitter objects and create any pattern you want with them.  The emitter is not modifiable because it is normally hidden when in use.

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