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Saturday, May 8, 2010


 Phi Teleporter is a nearly instant transport device for your parcel.

When I first got to SL, getting around meant walking or flying.  That wasn't a problem when you could only build as high as 768m, but when they extended it to 4096m, getting there meant a landmark, because flying could take 5 minutes or more.

So I bought a teleporter.  Apparently the one I bought was the best on the market.  You click it, it gathers up all the destinations and gives you a list.  It worked in the store.  But it didn't work at my home.  Depending on SIM lag, it missed destinations and was very frustrating to operate.

So I wrote a teleporter object.  Mine looks for other teleporters when it is initialized and updates itself automatically when you add a new one or change an existing location.  So adding a link between two locations means, adding two teleporters, renaming them and the two are connected automatically.  This means there is no delay when you click on the teleporter to see where you can go.  The system is smart too.  If there are 16 parcels on a SIM, all with this teleporter, they all act independently of each other, without any configuration.

You can add landmarks to your teleporter.  When it's on the same SIM, you can instantly teleport to the location.  This is useful for skydivers, who want to zip up to some location instantly, and be jumping immediately.  It's also useful for getting you to a central location quickly.  When the landmark is outside the SIM, they are given to the user.

The Phi Teleporter is copy/mod/no transfer and costs only L$249.  (XStreetSL Link)

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