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Friday, July 23, 2010

3 months and counting

Well, it's official ... sort of.  3 months as of today is when I open Phi Designs.  First, I was blown away by the response to the Chamber way back in November 2009 when it first came into existence and I was working out the bugs.  It was fully tested by January 2009 and then realized it need a LITE version.  One where people could by patterns and just plug them in. 

I would have done that then had real life not slapped me hard against the face.  Went down a 4 month journey of doctors and hospital stays.

When I came back, I realized that I needed a LITE version of the product, so I modified the notecard system to include a script instead.  This prevents an unscrupulous individual from reading the notecards and figuring out how the system works.  Not that the notecard helps a lot ... I tried to take the parameters as easy to use so that the user doesn't need to be a programmer.  Because to do the same thing with a script requires a huge understanding of how second life works and all those details are hidden away to make it easy to do.

Originally I thought I could start making a profit after 3 months.  Hasn't turned out that way.  I made more in the first month then all previous selling attempts in the previous 2 1/2 years in SL.  Fabulous.  Thank you all!!

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